Mobile essentials for NHS

Here is a list of mobile-friendly resources that you might need. Check our Key Information if you are unsure of some of the terminology.

BMJ Best Practice

Try the awarding-winning BMJ Best Practice App   More details here 

BNF / BNFc (no login required)

BNF/BNFc App   More details here

Clinical Key (UHNM Athens only)

Evidence-based clinical search tool - includes ebooks, ejournals, medline, topic summaries, NICE guidelines. Mobile friendly interface, rather than an app. Requires Internet connection. More details here

Cochrane Library (no login required)

Cochrane Library is a premier source for searching for systematic reviews and clinical trials. You can access the responsive website via an Internet connection. More details here

Medicines Complete (all NHS Athens)

Medicines Complete is an online drug reference tool. All NHS staff can access the BNF and BNFc via Medicines Complete. This is a responsive, mobile-friendly website. More details here

NICE Evidence (no login required)

NICE Evidence is a healthcare-based search engine which searches a wide-range of approved websites. It is a responsive site and will require an Internet connection. More details here

Pubmed (no login required)

Pubmed offers a range of mobile-friendly resources. More details here 

TRIP Database (no login required)

Search engine for high-level good quality information. This is a mobile-friendly website, requiring Internet connection. Premium content is available to NHS users via the NHS network only - access to this will depend on how your wifi is supplied. More details here

Key information:

Apps - these are installed on your mobile device. They may require significant memory if content is installed. You can often access downloaded content off-line ie without an Internet connection.

Responsive websites - you access content on the Internet (just like using your browser on a desktop PC), however content responds to give you a workable mobile-friendly interface. Accessing websites like this requires an Internet connection.