Although born in England, Dr Toby Helliwell lived most of his Childhood in Zambia where he developed a keen desire to become a doctor. This was realised after completing his undergraduate medical degree at Birmingham University. Subsequently he worked in various areas of the UK and also in Australia and completed his GP vocational training I was after being accepted onto the North Staffordshire academic vocational training scheme for general practitioners. He now works as a GP partner in North Staffordshire where he also teaches and mentors undergraduate students in a general practice setting. During his academic career he has completed a Masters degree in medicine and a PhD in musculoskeletal general practice. He is now a senior lecturer at Keele University, a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and works as a research scholar for the clinical research network as well as being part of the global health team at Keele University having been part of the team since its inception. He has helped develop formal partnerships with institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa and South and East Asia.

Research and scholarship

Being a GP researcher his interests are wide, generally encompassing non-communicable disease which is fast becoming the predominant health challenge throughout the world particularly in resource poor settings. His main focus has however, been in researching improving care for patients in the community, particularly around painful and disabling musculoskeletal conditions. He has also developed an interest in metal health which is often a much stigmatised issue with little or no access to help in many parts of the world but can significantly impact on peoples livelihoods at multiple levels if not recognised and treated appropriately.


Teaching activities are again broad, encompassing undergraduate, postgraduate GP trainees and supervision of two PhD students as well as an MPhil student. He has delivered teaching and clinical updates to patients, generalists and specialists through national and international platforms and conferences.