Dr Prabhath Ranasinghe graduated with MBBS from the University of Peradeniya in 2002.

After working in the curative health sector for five years, he started his public health career by following the MSc in Community Medicine offered by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. His MSc dissertation was on and medical ethics among doctors. He completed his MD in Community Medicine, through University of Colombo in 2017 where his main research focus was on sexual dysfunctions in a rural Sri Lankan community.

After completing his MD he worked as acting consultant community physician for the Matale District of Sri Lanka. He joined the Institute of Primary Care at Keele University in October 2018 for one year to complete his overseas training in order to become a board certified specialist in Community Medicine, in Sri Lanka.

He is working at Keele University under the supervision of Professor Athula Sumathipala while Dr Kieran Fernando and Professor Christian Mallen are his co-supervisors.