Gareth moved to Keele University in 2016 to take up the position of research associate within the Research Instiute for Primary Care and Health Sciences. 

Gareth completed his PhD in Applied Social Statistics at Lancaster University in 2014. Following this, he took up a research associate position at Lancaster University where he worked until moving to Keele. 

Research and scholarship

Current Projects 

  • GSES - An international collaboration aimed to create a standardised measure of child development for 0-3 year-olds. 
  • INDIGO - An international collaboration aimed to create a measurement tool to diagnose neurodevelopment delay in young children. 
  • MSK-Tracker - A trial involving the development and roll out of a tool to help patients and clinicians focus the content of their phsyiotherapy consultations based on the MSK-HQ PROM. 
  • TAPS - A validation project looking at the responsiveness to site specific pain of the MSK-HQ PROM. 
  • VESCA - An examination of methods to adjust the OSCE scores of medical students based on videos of performances. 
  • CLCF - The creation and preliminary validation of a tool to measure caregiver challenge in families of children with cystic fibrosis. 


Gareth is currently contributing to the consturction and examination of the following courses; 

i) MMedSci Statistics and Epidemiology

ii) An external course teaching basic statistics to psychiatrists at the Haywood hospital. 

He has also written and is teaching short courses on the following; 

i) Applied Item Response Theory Modelling in R 

ii) R for users of other statistical packages 

Further information

Gareth sits on the Royal Statistical Society's Young Statisticians Section Committee.