The Institute for Global Health, in collaboration with Arts Keele, works closely together with artists. We have set up a global network of artists around the globe. In each project, we blend creative practices, community engagement activities and global health research methods. The Keele global health researchers work with a range of artists: musicians, writers, painters, theatre-makers, performers. Our ethos is to promote, share and encourage collaboration with artists in healthcare research and healthcare environment in low-resource settings. Specifically, the arts and global health team at Keele’s Institute for Global Health aims to:

  1. Enhance the visibility of participatory art engagement in global health research teams
  2. Empower socially engaged artists internationally and locally
  3. Provide opportunities to explore and address the challenges of conducting innovative research in arts and global health that generates applied benefits for the most resource-poor and marginalised communities in each country
  4. Co-develop strategies to actively involve and engage policy and decision-makers
  5. Support a community of artists with mentorship opportunities in arts-based research and development 

    three images theatre, dance and design

SOLACE performance

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