Postgraduate Taught Tuition Fees

Home/EU students commencing September/October 2017, payment should be made in six monthly instalments as follows: 

Instalment 1 27/10/2017
Instalment 2 28/11/2017
Instalment 3 28/12/2017
Instalment 4 28/01/2018
Instalment 5 28/02/2018
Instalment 6 28/03/2018

Postgraduate Loans

If you are funding your studies with a Postgraduate Loan from Student Finance and have concerns over these payment dates please contact the Income Office. We would be happy to review payment dates to align with your loan payment dates. Please send your request to

International Students

International students commencing September/October 2017, please make your payment on or before: 27/10/2017.

If two instalments are preferred, payment is requested on or before: 27/10/2017 and 12/01/2018.

Postgraduate Taught Residence Fees:

Instalment 1: All Students  27/10/2017
Instalment 2: All Students 12/01/2018
Instalment 3: All Students 20/04/2018

Any Student who has not paid fees by the due date will be liable to pay a late fee of 5% minimum charge £25. Please refer to Regulation 14 on the Academic Regulations.