Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research Tuition Fees

Home/EU students commencing September/October 2020, payment should be made in six monthly instalments as follows: 


Instalment 1 1st November 2020
Instalment 2 1st December 2020
Instalment 3 1st February 2021
Instalment 4 1st March 2021
Instalment 5 1st May 2021
Instalment 6 1st June 2021

International Students

International students commencing September/October 2020, please make your payment on or before: 1st November 2020.

If two instalments are preferred, payment is requested on or before: 1st November 2020 and 1st February 2021.

Postgraduate Research Residence Fees:

Instalment 1: All Students  1st November 2020
Instalment 2: All Students  1st February 2021
Instalment 3: All Students  1st May 2021
Any Student who has not paid fees by the due date will be liable to pay a late fee of 5% minimum charge £25. Please refer to the Charging and Payment of Fees Policy for more information.