Dr Laura Hancock

Title: Teaching Fellow in Chemistry
Phone: (+44) 01782 733320
Email: l.m.hancock@keele.ac.uk
Location: Lennard-Jones 1.10
Role: Admissions Tutor for Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry
Contacting me: Try my office or arrange an appointment by email.
Laura Hancock

I obtained my MChem degree from the University of Oxford in 2007 where I remained for my Phd under the supervision of Professor Paul Beer, entitled ‘Anion-templated synthesis of functional interlocked architectures’. I was appointed as a Teaching Fellow in Chemistry at Keele in April 2011.

My research interests are in the area of supramolecular chemistry, specifically the construction of anions receptors for fluorescent anion sensing. Anions play important roles in biological, medical, chemical and environmental processes and it is of great interest to design sensors to detect their presence.

  • Hancock, Laura M.; Beer, Paul D., 2011, Sodium and barium cation-templated synthesis and cation-induced molecular pirouetting of a pyridine N-oxide containing [2]rotaxane CHEM. COMMUN. Vol 47 (21), 6012-6014.
  • Hancock, Laura M.; Gilday, Lydia C.; Kilah, Nathan L.; Serpell, Christopher J.; Beer, Paul D., 2011, A new synthetic route to chloride selective [2]catenanes CHEM. COMMUN. Vol 47 (6), 1725-1727.
  • Hancock, Laura M.; Gilday, Lydia C.; Carvalho, Silvia; Costa, Paulo J.; Felix, Vitor; Serpell, Christopher J.; Kilah, Nathan L.; Beer, Paul D., 2010, Rotaxanes Capable of Recognising Chloride in Aqueous Media  ,CHEM.-EUR. J., Vol 16 (44), 13082-13094.
  • Hancock, Laura M.; Beer, Paul D., 2009, Chloride recognition in aqueous media by a rotaxane prepared via a new synthetic pathway, CHEM.-EUR. J. Vol 15 (1), 42-44.

CHE-10047 Chemical Concepts and Structure

CHE-10048 Practical and Professional Chemistry Skills 1

CHE-10049 Practical and Professional Chemistry Skills 2 (Module Leader)

CHE-10050 Chemical Properties and Reactions 

CHE-10052 Mathematical Tools and Concepts in Chemistry

CHE-20001 Organic Synthesis and Chirality

CHE20029 Radicals, Phases and Supramolecular Chemistry

CHE-20037 Industrial Chemistry

CHE-30002 Dual Honours Research Project

CHE-30040 Chemistry Research Project

CHE-30041 Medicinal Chemistry Research Project

CHE-30042 Inorganic, Physical and Solid State Chemistry (Module Leader)