Booking a slot with a Careers Consultant

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Please note

To see a Careers Consultant, you can book either online virtual appointments using MS Teams chat or book an in-person appointment which will be held in the Careers and Employability Office.

We continue to encourage students and staff to make use of Keele Careers Online and the varied resources available there, such as CV360 - our online CV checking software. Any issues or queries with logging in to Career Hub or Keele Careers Online should be directed to

Short Appointment (20 mins)

This is the best way to initially see a Careers Consultant. These one-to-one 20 minute sessions are available on a frequent basis allowing you to start your career planning and move forward. The sessions will cover whatever you need it to and students commonly explore: career options, CVs, interviews, work experience and postgraduate study.

Careers guidance interviews

Longer guidance interviews are available to students if additional time is needed to follow on from issues arising during your initial appointment.

Normally, in order to book one of these hour long slots, you will have already had one or more 20 minutes short appointment (see above).

Careers e-guidance

Available for queries and for support such as CV checks and application form advice.Email to access this service. Please allow three to five working days. During especially busy periods, this can take as long as seven working days, so please contact us well in advance of deadlines.

If you are not sure which is the best way for you to access the service, just ask us! Call in to our Careers and Employability Centre located on the 1st Floor of the Campus Library, email or ring us on 01782 733023 or 733523 and we will point you in the right direction.

Please note that failure to attend pre-booked appointments may result in you being unable to use the online booking system.

To discuss any issues that you may have with this policy, please come in and see us, email or call us on 01782 733023 or 733523