Attention soon-to-be Graduates! The Career Accelerator Programme is an online programme to support you with your transition from Keele University into graduate level employment.  The 2 day course will take you from career focused self- analysis (identifying your key skills and strengths) all the way to increased confidence in your ability to successfully navigate graduate recruitment from CVs to assessment centres.

The learning outcomes for the programme are that you will be able to: 

  • Understand what employability is, what recruiters are seeking and how to identify opportunities. 
  • Develop an ability to self-assess and articulate skills and experience in a recruitment context. 
  • Increase your confidence in ability to produce effective applications for graduate opportunities achieved by an understanding and application of recruitment conventions, best practice and self- analysis.
  • Enhanced understanding of and increased ability to navigate recruitment processes including online and face to face interviews and assessment centres. 

Feedback from attendees so far


      "I have recently completed the Careers Accelerator Programme with Keele University. This was a very helpful few days and gave a great insight into the recruitment process. Not only does it show you have to view your application through the eyes of an employer, but it also helps to build your confidence by reflecting on your personal and academic achievements"   
Aaron G 

      “Attended the Careers Accelerator Programme (CAP) by the Keele Careers team and it was truly insightful about the job application process. My personal favourite part was the Planned Happenstance theory which is creating events which can turn into opportunities. I am glad I took the chance to be a part of this workshop as I now have a clearer idea of what I need to next, thank you Ben, Bernadette, Sarah,  Andrew, and Robert, for such a great session over the last 3 days”
Palavi K