Information for Mature Students

All the services that Careers and Employability offers are available to all students. As a mature student, however, you can also access targeted resources and opportunities that might be valuable for your career planning and progression.

Practical advice, tips and information for mature students

The Open University Advice for Mature Students - Includes FAQs and practical tips.

Targetjobs provide advice on presenting applications to recruiters.

The Diversity Group - proactive promoters of diversity and equality in Britain, The Diversity Groups' primary objective is to promote equal opportunities to people from every kind of minority background or lifestyle. The website includes a job site and advice section.

Useful Organisations

The website provides up to date legislation regarding employment.  One of the organisation’s key roles is to provide advice and guidance on rights, responsibilities and good practice, based on equality law and human rights legislation.

The Age and Employment Network works to promote an effective labour market that serves the needs of people in mid and later life, employers and the economy.

Where are we?

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