Keele Connect

What is Keele Connect?

Keele Connect is an e-mentoring platform which allows all Keele students and alumni (graduates of Keele) to access mentoring and professional networking via a digital platform, online.

Keele Connect allows alumni to volunteer their time to help current students enhance their employability as well as to access support for their own career development, or simply to network with fellow alumni across the globe. It also offers an important opportunity for those alumni who wish to contribute to Keele, but can’t necessarily contribute financially, to do so on a voluntary basis

To access the platform, students and alumni will need to sign up and create an account. This can also be done via LinkedIn.


What does Keele Connect offer students and alumni?

At Keele you have access to a network of over 110,000 Keele graduates, in every corner of the globe.

Keele Connect offers a chance to connect with these alumni and to make a head start or advance your career by connecting with thousands of Keele graduates for advice, support and networking.

Through Keele Connect, you can search an online directory of global alumni professionals and make e-networking connections to:

  • Benefit from informal mentoring & career insights
  • Ask for practical advice on your job search, worldwide including CV guidance
  • Gain an insight into various industry or career areas
  • Develop and improve your employability and networking skills

(NB. All connections are all made digitally and not through face to face meetings.)

Members will also be able to reconnect with graduates from Keele as well as make new connections based on interests and career pathways and aspirations, by creating affinity groups of like-minded individuals based on current interests or activities at university such as a society or club membership. 

Keele Connect

Who can I contact to learn more?

For more information you can contact Lauren Huss:

Innovation Centre 2
Keele University Science & Innovation Park 
Keele University


Telephone: 01782 |