The Trees at Keele

Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima

Tree of Heaven Origin: this native of China was introduced in 1751. It is a common tree in the squares, parks and larger gardens of London and the south of England but is scarcer further north. The name derives from the speed at which the tree grows towards the sky! Mature trees can reach 30m. In some parts of he world where they have been introduced they can be a pest as the sucker and seed profusely.

It is one of several of trees at Keele that have frond-like (pinnate) leaves - the others include Caucasian Wing-nut, Varnish Tree and Japanaese Pagoda Tree.

Leaves: in this species the leaves are 30 - 60cm long (longer for new growth on pruned branches) with 10 - 20 leaflets arranged oppositely down the leaf stalk. The critical feature is that the edges of the basal leaflets are entire except for a few small teeth towards the base. The crushed leaves have an unpleasant smell.

Location : We have one tree by the side of Lake 3 - square P13; tag 1012.