The trees at Keele

We have over 150 species of tree on campus, not counting the 240 species and varieties of Flowering Cherry! Amongst them are many of our common native species as well as some more unusual ones. So, if you can't tell a Beech from a Birch or just want to know a bit more about them then read on!

Pride of India  Koelreuteria paniculata

Pride of India leaf Also known as the Golden Rain Tree it is a native of China, Japan and Korea.

A medium-sized, fast-growing ornamental or shade tree reaching to about 10m tall by 10m wide with an upright rounded habit, becoming more spreading with age.

Leaves: up to 40cm long, alternate, pinnately to bipinnately compound with about 7 to 15 leaflets, each leaflet being toothed and sometimes lobed at the base. In good autumns they are golden yellow.

Flowers: flowers in mid-summer, the small yellow flowers with four petals combine to form a 30cm large and showy panicle with the individual flowers not opening all at once but over several weeks.

Fruits : clusters of greenish three-sided pods that turn brown with age and persisting through the winter.

Uses: planted as an ornamental tree in the UK but considered invasive in parts of the USA.

Location : one in the special collection below the Walled Garden; compartment 24; square K10.