The Trees at Keele

Ponderosa Pine Pinus ponderosa

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Origin: this species is a native of the Rocky Mountains and was first introduced to the UK in 1828 where it is frequently planted in larger gardens throughout. The name derives from the heavy (ponderous) wood and it is an important timber tree in the USA.

The leaves, which grow in bunches of three, are long (17-20cm), dark greyish-green and stiff.

The cones are variable being 7-10 X 4-5cm. The scales have a minute spine making the cone prickly to the touch.

Ponderosa Pine is very similar in appearance to Jeffrey's Pine Pinus jeffreyi with which it is often confused. However in Jeffrey's the cone scales have down-turned prickles so they are not prickly to the touch which leads to the names "Gentle Jeffrey" and "Prickly Ponderosa" as a way of separating the two. Jeffrey's cones are also much longer (15-20cm).

Location : We have just the one specimen; on the far side of lake 1; square P10; tag 1010.