The trees at Keele

We have over 150 species of tree on campus, not counting the 240 species and varieties of Flowering Cherry! Amongst them are many of our common native species as well as some more unusual ones. So, if you can't tell a Beech from a Birch or just want to know a bit more about them then read on!

Oregon Ash Fraxinus latifolia

Oregon Ash

Origin: A native of the USA from Washington to central California it is a valuable hardwood timber tree, growing to around 25m with a straight and compact outline.

It was introduced to Europe in 1872 but is a scarce species in the UK though the most frequent of the rare ashes that have hairy leaves and twigs.

The woolly nature gives the leaf a rather glaucous look, as is shown in the picture.

Location : one tree; compartment 7a; square S17; between the path and the stream.