Commemorative and Donated Trees

Royal Family

Edward VII

A Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum planted by him near the fountain at Keele Hall to commemorate his visit to his great friend the Grand Duke Michael of Russia at Keele in 1901. When HM Queen Elizabeth visited in 1951 exactly 50 years later it was on the itinerary for her to have the tree pointed out to her. Of course Edward VII was her husband's grandfather hence the significance - our current Queen and Princess Margaret's great-grandfather. That tree location has a very strategic position directly marking a right angle connection between the Clock Tower and Keele Hall. The Queen was taken by car to the south of it and by foot to the north of it. Thanks to Grace Filby for this information. Square M11; tag 7520.

Princess Margaret

An Irish Yew Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata' planted by the Chancellor's Building;  square L6; tag 1004

Queen Mother

A Purple Beech Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea' planted by her on the lawn near the fountain in 1951 to commemorate the opening of the University College of North Staffordshire (UCNS). Square M10; tag 7522. See photograph

Group of 80 Beech Fagus sylvatica planted by the Reservoir in 1970 to commemorate her 80th birthday was funded by a Countryside Commission grant and donations from members of staff.


Sarah and Aki Akhtar

Donated three cherries: Prunus 'Kursar', Prunus 'Shosar' and Prunus 'Gyoiko'. They were planted opposite the Covert on 17 October 2022.

Marion Bailey - Registrar's Secretary (1949 - 1986)

Donated a group of White Poplars Populus alba on the grass by the Chapel and Walter Moberly Hall, close to where her office in the Registry had stood for over 30 years. Square M7 See photograph. One remains in November 2023.

Margaret Bird - Assistant Librarian

Donated a Foxglove Tree Paulownia tomentosa on the occasion of her retirement in April 2008. By the side of the Library. See photograph.

Dr Mary Campion Lecturer in Department of Biological Sciences (1956 - 1990)

Avenue of 31 Beech Fagus sylvatica donated by her in 1990 on her retirement. Between the Students Union car-park and Chancellor's Building. Square M7. See photograph.

Professor Philip Davies

Part of the funding for trees used in the planting of Union Square kindly came from the alumnus Philip Davies who studied American Studies while his alumna wife Rosamund studied Russian. Read more about New Trees in Union Square.

Professor Davies also donated in 2016 a number of Beech trees to be planted on Beech Clump. A group of these used to dominate the skyline there but were felled because of safety in the 1970s.

Ruth and Robert Eagle and Aradhna Tripati

A Flowering Cherry Prunus 'Dorothy Clive' sponsored by them in the Memorial Garden; tag 4249.

Dr Claire Firth - Keele, 1964-1969 (American Studies and Geography)

A Flowering Cherry Prunus speciosa 'Yae-beni-oshima' in the Memorial Garden was sponsored by her. A plaque reads "How many, many things; They call to mind; These cherry-blossoms!; - Matsuo Basho; Claire H. Firth (Keele, 1964-1969)". Square K11, tag 4245.

Peter Johnson - Chief Executive North Staffs Partnerships

Planted a Himalayan Birch Betula jacquemontii 'Snow Queen' by IC2 in May 2001.

Colin Lee a graduate in 1976

Donated £25 for purchasing trees.

International Tree Foundation

London Plane Platanus X acerifolia donated 2000; location to be decided. Donated following a guided visit to the grounds.

Pin Oak Quercus palustris was donated by Shropshire & Montgomery Branch of the International Tree Foundation and planted below Firs Hill; square M10; tag 1006.

Keele Parish Council

Donated a Wych Elm Ulmus glabra which was planted on the Village Green in 1998.

Keele Sunday School

Donated a Large -leaved Lime Tilia platyphyllos which was planted by Miss Mary Glover. It is one of a group of three in front of Walter Moberly Hall. Planting date not known but they were described as "young trees" in 1975. Square L7.

Students Halls Committee 1985

Field Maple Acer campestris planted 1985 at Hawthorns Hall.


Arboricultural Association - September 2016

To mark the Association's 2016 Annual Conference, they donated a disease-resistant Elm Ulmus x 'Vada ['Wanoux'] tag 1078. It has been planted by the side of Cherry Tree Walk square M7. A plaque reads "Donated to Keele University by the Arboricultural Association; Henry Girling Annual Presntation; September 2016" . More here.

Sir Harold Clowes

"The Copper Beech that stands at the entrance to Springpool on the edge of the campus was planted in September 1969 to mark the completion of the 22 Springpool houses and to record the hard work and devotion of Sir Harold Clowes in making the building of these houses possible (Evening Sentinel September 1969)"

Community Schools Open Day

Three Flowering Cherries Prunus sp. planted in 1998 by Chancellor's Building Square L6.

Dave Emley

A plaque was placed alongside the Prunus litigiosa or Tassled Cherry tag 4001 on Cherry Tree walk to mark Dave's retirement after 43 years at Keele and for his work on the arboretum. The plaque reads "This plaque commemorates the retirement of Dave Emley November 2016. With thanks and affection from his friends in the Natural Estates Advisory Group".

British Christmas Tree Growers Association Conference; October 2007

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) held their annual conference at Keele and, during their visit, they presented a Christmas tree Fraser Fir Abies fraseri to the University. Planted by Lake 1; square O10; tag 1085.

Earl of Harrowby - first President of University College of North Staffordshire (1949 - 1955)

Pedunculate or English Oak Quercus robur planted by him on the lawn to the side of Keele Hall. The plaque reads "Quercus robur, English Oak. This tree (from Sandon Hall) was planted by Lord Harrowby, first President of University College of North Staffordshire in March 1952". Square M11, tag 7518. See photograph.

Japanese Embassy

Minister Yasuyuki Okazaki, and Third Secretary Yui Morimoto, planted a Flowering Cherry Fragrant Cloud Prunus 'Shizuku', tag 4368 in the Memorial Garden in April 2023,  during a visit to Keele, which included meetings with staff and students.  A plaque reads "This cherry tree was planted by a delegation of the Embassy of Japan in the UK on 21st April 2023 in commemoration of past, present and future friendship between Keele and Japan. See more about the planting.

Keele Arboretum

A Monkey-puzzle Araucaria araucana planted by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Janet Finch, on 26th October 2004 to commemorate the launch of the Keele Arboretum leaflet. It is situated to the left of the Library; square M9. See photographs.

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Five Prunus 'Amanogowa' were planted in front of Dorothy Hodgkin Building on 6th March 2015 by Professor Makoto Kurata and Professor Fiona Cownie (on behalf of the Vice Chancellor) to commemorate links with Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. A plaque reads "These Cherry Trees have been planted by Professor Nick Foskett and Professor Makoto Kurata on March 6th, 2015. In commemoration of 25 years of educational partnership Keele University and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies 1990 - 2015". See photograph of ceremony.

Flora Morgan - Deputy Domestic Bursar (1950 - 1961)

A Silver Birch Betula pendula planted in a brick planter by the Students' Union in commemoration of her years at Keele. Square N7. See photograph. This tree was felled on 20/12/2011 as part of the Union Square redevelopment.

Professor Paul Rolo - Department of History (1951 - 1982)

A Wellingtonia Sequoiadendron giganteum, donated by the staff of International Relations,planted in November 1982 at Hawthorns Hall to mark his retirement.

Tom Stacey - Grounds Superintendent at Keele (died October 2003).

8000 Common Ash Fraxinus excelsior, 8000 English Oak Quercus robur and 8000 Norway Spruce Picea abies planted in 1978 above Horwood, the purpose of the woodland being to provide a natural screen between The Butts, Newcastle and new student accommodation. It was named Stacey Plantation in recognition of his years at Keele.

Staffordshire Society

Donated trees in 1972 to be planted "across the road from the Chapel" to conclude the University's 21st anniversary celebrations.

University Officers Conference 2006

An Atlas Cedar Cedrus atlantica was planted to the side of Keele Hall on 5th September 2006; tag 1081. See photograph.