Living on campus

Living on the Keele campus gives you the chance to be part of a vibrant student community. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, you can consult our other FAQs or contact us directly.

Parking is not generally available for resident students. To find out more about the exemptions visit our student parking page.

Telephones are not provided in the rooms. You would need to use a mobile if network coverage allowed. 

No, all accommodation at Keele University is non-smoking.

Yes, but you must use the pin boards. You will be charged for any damage caused if you put posters elsewhere.

This will depend on where you live. This information will be specified in your Accommodation Contract.  A 51 week let would allow you to stay over the Summer vacation.

If you are unhappy with your allocated room, you can request a room move. You can do this via the Accommodation Portal.

There are launderettes available at each hall.

Internet access is available in almost all rooms.

There is no cap on internet usage.

Yes, but you will need to collect it from your block entrance as delivery drivers are not allowed in the accommodation. Keep in mind that it can be cheaper to group together with friends for some items.

We work hard to make the campus at Keele a safe and secure place to live and study. The 24 hour Campus Safety Team help minimise the amount of crime.

The University has a no pet policy. No animals are allowed in the halls of residence as people may be allergic to them and they tend to attract rodents and vermin. Guide dogs are allowed.

All post is sent to the post room on campus. You will be notified by email if you have anything for collection.

Each Hall has secure bike stores provided; in some Halls we ask for a £15 refundable key deposit. In Barnes Hall you will have your Keele Card updated so you can gain access to the bike store. You will need to register your bike details before you can get access to a store. Please see our bicylce storage page to register and for more information.

Please make sure you have contacted Student Support before doing this. You will need to bring your keys to the Student Accommodation team or leave them in the key drop box provided In Barnes Y entrance, if you leave outside office hours.  More information on moving out.

Please see our moving out page.

You should take your keys/Keele card with you whenever you leave your room.If you leave your room just to go to the kitchen or bathroom, you should always lock your bedroom door - treat it as you would your front door at home.  Our Domestic and Estates teams will always lock doors that are left open to protect you and your belongings.

In office hours (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4.45 pm) the Accommodation team can arrange for someone to let you in.  Outside these hours you should contact Campus Safety.

A charge of £10 will be added to your accommodation account when staff have to let you into your accommodation more than once, including the Campus Safety team.

You can have a guest stay for up to 3 nights in your room, please make sure you complete the information on the Accommodation Portal. It is important that we know this in case the Emergency Services need to know who may be in the building.

We can provide a camp bed for your room should you need one, at a small charge (these are not available in En-suite or Superior En-suite rooms). If your guest needs accommodation for longer please contact us.

Yes - please contact the Student Accommodation team to request a re-sit booking form. Rooms are subject to availability - please see for more information.

Accommodation heating times.