What you can do

As a student

The University's waste contractor collects dry mixed recyclables from external bin stores on campus, which is sent for sorting and processed into the individual waste recycling streams. Internal recycling bins are available across all academic, central services buildings, and the Keele Business Park.

Dry mixed recycling should be segregated from General waste. Cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, tins and cans can be recycled in mixed recycling bins:

Dry mixed recycling image

Keele University is dedicated to trying to recycle as much of its waste as possible, but to do this, students must also do their bit.

How do I recycle?

  • Mixed recycling should be segregated from general waste and glass within the kitchen bins.
  • Use recycling bins with clear bags for paper, cardboard, tins and cans and plastic bottles.

*please note, we can only recycle plastic bottles, not all types of plastic. If a plastic item isn't a plastic bottle, it needs to go into the general waste bin. Please don’t contaminate the recycling bins with the wrong type of waste and don’t put any plastic bags into recycling bins: Dry Mixed Recycling

  • You need to segregate glass and take it directly to your nearest bin store.
  • The Great Donate- As students move out 'The Great Donate' collects usable items that studnets don't/can't take home with them. 

Great Donate

  • Donate clothes to the British Heart Foundation via the big red donation banks at each Hall - all year round!
  • Donate unopened non-perishable food items via donation trays that are placed in each Hall kitchen at the end of term (mid May)
  • Donate kitchen equipment and other items via your nearest Halls social space or to the SU ground floor from mid May onwards 

Campus map of donation/collection points

Bulky cardboard, such as boxes used for packaging, should be placed directly into the bins located in external bin stores. 'Cardboard only' eurobins are found in most bin stores, in addition to the Dry Mixed Recycling eurobins. Cardboard can also be placed in the Dry Mixed Recycling bins but the preferred option is to place them in the 'cardboard only' bins. This helps reduce costs and improve the efficiency of recycling.

Cardboard eurobin

As a member of staff

Re-use is the best option for unwanted furniture.

Keele University use ‘Warp-it’ to redistribute and reuse surplus items internally and externally to our partners. Warp-it makes it very easy for staff to give and get surplus items to/from other staff.

What items can be reused through Warp-it?

Mostly reusable furniture, electrical equipment, fixtures and fittings, office consumables (such as stationery and ink jet cartridges), lab equipment, supplies and medical equipment - but any resource really. As long as it is legal, it can be transferred.

How do I register?

Visit their homepage here (make sure you bookmark it). Hit the big green button which says ‘register’. Once you register, you will receive further instructions.

Warp-it guide for staff

A staff ‘how to’ guide can be found here.

Further guidance can be found on the Warp-it webpages.

Any more questions?

The person who leads on Warp It in our organisation is Huw Evans, Environmental Manager, email h.a.evans@keele.ac.uk

If you have a question about the actual software please contact info@warp-it.co.uk

Portering staff should be requested to come and collect Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) items directly.

Please use the form found on the Portering pages of the website.

Portering staff will collect the items to be stored centrally for collection. All WEEE waste is recovered and recycled as required by legislation. WEEE should not be placed in the general waste bins. Any enquiries should first be raised with Portering Services portering.services@keele.ac.uk or ext. 34319.