Our core mission is to provide world-leading research and education.

Our mission is built on a belief in:

  • The transformative capacity of a university education for individuals, communities and society;
  • The importance of advancing knowledge through independent, high-quality research and academic enquiry;
  • The critical role of education and research in transcending national and social boundaries;
  • Leadership in environmental sustainability as a critical behaviour to secure a sustainable future;
  • Valuing and celebrating the rights, responsibilities, dignity, health and wellbeing of individuals through a living commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Proud of our heritage, we will take the spirit of Lord Lindsay’s original vision for Keele and reimagine it for the 2020s. This will allow us to continue to deliver: innovative education that is conscious of the practical benefits it has for students; high-quality, impactful research that is mindful of the benefits that has to local communities and wider society; and a diverse, vibrant, tolerant and supportive university community that will enhance the experience of all who live and work at and with Keele.

As a diverse community that is drawn together in our desire to make a difference to our students and society, we will be:

  • A university that delivers a broad-base of innovative education as a means to develop individuals’ strengths and flexibility for the future. Our students will see the world differently and stand out in their determination to make a positive difference when they leave university. They will demonstrate this through their knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs in a tolerant, diverse society that delivers equality of opportunity.
  • A university that educates professionals fit for a modern world through programmes that are designed by world-leading academics and practitioners who aim to educate students for their future. We will provoke our students to look to the future whilst establishing them firmly in the knowledge and needs of the present. Our students will not only enter the future workplace, they will create it.
  • World-class research and researchers that push at the limits of current knowledge and understanding; ensuring that the outputs have impact through our teaching, public engagement and the partnerships we form.
  • An anchor higher education institution that makes a genuine and measurable difference to the health, culture and economy of our region.
  • A beacon for environmental sustainability in how we live, work and play.