A dynamic and supportive community is at the heart of our success. We will embrace with clear and uncompromising demand, the fostering of working relationships that support, respect and nurture the Keele community. We will celebrate the freedom of expression and activity and that is afforded to an academic community, yet be accountable to each other and to broader society for what we do and contribute to our communities.

We will:

  • Expect our staff, students and partners to live by the values of: collegiality, ambition, accountability, respect, fairness and consistency.
  • Provide an exceptional student experience that celebrates the diversity of our students’ backgrounds and experiences, informed by a vibrant and inclusive student voice.
  • Be a university that recognises international staff and students as highly valued contributors to our community, enhancing the experience of all.
  • Provide a safe, inclusive community for students and staff, which promotes a sense of belonging, good health and wellbeing, and opportunities for students to contribute across the full spectrum of their academic, social and civic lives.
  • Give all our staff the opportunity to develop the skills, tools and working practices to do their jobs. We recognize the diversity of our efficient, effective and talented staff as key to our success. Developing the digital literacy of both our staff and students will be a high priority alongside the development of the ability to be agile, flexible and adaptive to the changing needs and expectations in our roles.
  • Engage with our alumni, as members of our university, to enhance the experience of past, present and future students.