The blue economy approach for sustainability in Seychelles and East Africa

Adam Moolna (Keele University) and Benjamin S. Thompson (National University of Singapore).

The blue economy approach for sustainability in Seychelles and East Africa.

The Blue Economy approach to ocean and coastal sustainable economic development in Seychelles and across East Africa promises great potential and has emerged to dominate regional attention on sustainability. Yet we contend that a policy consensus presenting the Blue Economy as “the solution” to sustainable development and associated high level political rhetoric limits critical evaluation of complex practical opportunities or risks and avoids difficult debates on the compromises needed.

Discussion paper 1 | 23 November 2018

Ahead of the global conference "Blue Economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" being held 26-28 November 2018 in Nairobi, we aim to prompt readers to consider alternative perspectives, limitations and conflicts that are missed out of the policy consensus - and present six key recommendations for politicians and policymakers.

We welcome feedback and discussions on what we intend as a broad and accessible overview of the complexities and opportunities for moving from policies and high level meetings to real actions that contribute more effectively to environmental, economic, and social areas of sustainability.

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Recommended citation: Moolna A & Thompson BS (2018) The Blue Economy approach for sustainability in Seychelles and East Africa. Keele University Institute for Sustainable Futures discussion paper 1, available at

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