Undergraduate tuition fees for UK/EU students

The UK Government has made an announcement giving clarity on fees for EU students. Students from other EU countries applying for places on undergraduate courses in the academic year 2020/21 will pay the same tuition fees as UK students for the duration of their courses, and can also apply for student loans. This means EU students will have the same fee status as UK students for 2020 entry programmes.

2020 Entry

The maximum fee we are permitted to charge for home/EU students is set by the UK government. We can confirm that for 2020 entry to undergraduate courses the tuition fees for home/EU students will be £9,250 a year

Future inflationary increases may be applied to each subsequent year of your course. This will be subject to government regulations on fee increases, and we will provide you with further information about such increases when this becomes available.

For further information about postgraduate and international fees please visit the relevant tuition fees page.

2021 Entry

The government regulated tuition fee for UK students is set by the UK government. We can confirm that for 2021-22 the undergraduate tuition fees for home students will be £9,250 a year

The UK government has confirmed that EU students starting their course in 2021 will no longer pay the home rate of fee. Further information on the fee level for EU students starting their course in 2021 can be found on our international fees webpages.

Placement/Sandwich year fees

Please note that the academic year listed relates to your year of entry and not the year you take the placement.

For students commencing their studies from 2017 onwards, a discounted fee of 20% of the normal tuition fee (either at Home/EU or at International level) is payable to Keele University for this year. The discounted fee only applies to situations where the full year is spent on placement. Where only a part of the year is spent on placement the full tuition fee is payable to the Keele University as normal.

How much can I borrow?

If you are a UK undergraduate student you should be eligible to receive a tuition fee loan up to the value of your tuition fees. You should check whether you are eligible (external link to direct.gov.uk).

If you are applying for a NHS funded course please see student funding for further information.

How do I pay?

Please see the Income Office for information on how to pay.

If you pay your own tuition fees and do not take out a loan you can pay in two instalments, in October and in January each year.

Need further help?

If you are having difficulty paying your tuition fees you can speak to someone in the university's Income Office, or you can come and see us in the Student Services Centre for information and advice.