Research Skills- School of Medicine

The Research Skills summer school allows students to develop their research skills in a medical context. The programme involves a number of academic sessions leading up to a research presentation and short project report. 

Important- due to COVID-19, this programme is running online in June 2021.

Programme Detail

Students will participate in a programme to develop research skills. The training aligns with that developed as part of the Keele School of Medicine ASPIRE research programme for medical students. Participating students will be registered as Keele students for the duration of the course, with a Keele email address and access to online resources.

This is a 6 week programme that runs from mid-June to the end of July. 

What to Expect

Research project

Students undertake a research project or literature review in a specified area to develop skills such as labatory quantification and imaging methods, literature surveys and systematic reviews in areas of medical relevance, with 1 to 1 supervision for Keele academic staff. Students are expected to deliver an end of project short oral presentation to the School of Medicine. Students will also be invited to participate in the Keele School of Medicine ASPIRE Research Showcase that winter. The programme is supported by the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, Wellcome Trust and North Staffordshire Medical Institute.

Teaching Sessions include:

  • Ethics in Medical Research
  • Developing a Research Question
  • Overview of Research Design and Methods
  • Writing an Effective Literature Review
  • Patient and Public Engagement in Research


How to Apply

Please contact the Global Opportunities Team for further information.