Jodie Wright, MSc Analytical Science Graduate

Jodie Wright - Analytical Science for Industry master's at Keele in 2018. Here she explains why it was one of the best professional choices she ever made.

Why did you want to do the master's in Analytical Science for Industry?

I wanted to apply the skills I learnt at BSc to an industrial setting, in order to, not only gain work experience, but improve my employability.

What was your master's project and where was your placement?

My project was looking at the effect of silica pore size on the separation of biomolecules at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

What skills and benefits do you feel you have gained from the course for your future career?

I feel I have gained the maturity and work ethic associated with a fast pased working environment, along with the practical skills associated with a laboratory based setting, which I found helped me a lot in job interviews and allowed me to get a job before I finished my course!

What would you say to anybody considering the master's course?

I would say 'do it' and get a placement out in industry as it gives you skills you never would get from undergraduate and helps loads with your employability.

Jodie Wright, placement summary: 

I undertook the MSc Analytical Science in Industry course with Keele, because I wanted to improve my employability. My placement was looking at the effect of silica pore size on the separation of biomolecules with Thermo Fisher Scientific. The course and the industry placement provided me with the maturity of work ethic within a fast paced working environment, alongside gaining practical lab-based skills, which helped me develop as a person and resulted in me gaining a job before I finished my course.

Thermo Fisher Scientific – we were immensely impressed with our student placement. Alongside working on a specific project we introduced Jodie to a range of skills and exposed her to much of the day-to-day operations.

We would encourage any business to get involved with student placements from Keele University. The students are of a very high calibre, highly motivated with a fantastic attitude. Jodie had an enormous impact on our business; it was a very successful placement for both parties.