Hammad Orooj testimonial, MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology

Keele University has provided me with a good learning experience as a student. As an international student from India, I wanted to pursue my postgraduate career in MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology. This course is well defined and provided at Keele; I am really happy to pursue my career through Keele University.

The application process was easy going and I am happy studying here. The staff are very cooperative, understanding and made me comfortable throughout till now. The students surrounding is very helpful, also there are student unions for helping out international students.

It is a journey that sets you on a new rewarding path and a bright future. This whole process has made me more independent. As an international student, I got a chance to increase my skills, confidence, and results of communicating effectively.

Keele is a big university with lots of facilities regarding printing, library services, etc. I appreciate Keele’s international student atmosphere. Many international students are coming from different backgrounds and countries with different cultures under a single roof making us learn about one’s culture and way of living. Keele campus’ greenery is so fascinating, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.