Meet Ndueso Akpan, Commonwealth shared scholar 2016-17, MA Politics and International Relations (Global Security)

What were you doing before you came to Keele?Photo of Commonwealth Scholar N. Akpan

Having completed the mandatory National Youth Service in 2015, I was working as an operations officer in a real estate company. After a while, I felt it was time for me to further my education. Hence, I decided to apply for admission to study at Keele university.

Why did you choose to study at Keele?

There were three reasons why I choose to come to Keele:

  • Studying in overseas especially in the UK is quite challenging in terms of funding. The availability of funding under the Commonwealth Shared Scheme prompted me to apply for admission in the first place. When I checked out the eligibility criteria, I was very optimistic that I would be nominated for the prestigious award.
  • In course of my research, I discovered that Keele had an MA programme which happens to be in line with the desire of my career path to foster peace and development within my home country. Hence, my application for admission to study Politics and International Relations (Global Security).
  • Prior to my application, I consulted my former tutor. He once studied in the UK. He recommended Keele University because it has an excellent environment and facilities for post graduate studies.

How have your first few weeks been? What are your first impressions of Keele and being in the UK?

So far, my first few weeks have been wonderful. I made new friends from different countries at the beginning of the semester. The environment is clean and fabulous. There is an excellent rapport between tutors and students. I like the social aspect of Keele as there are various social events and places to unwind. In addition, UK is a multicultural society. I have not experienced any form of violence within campus and off campus which confirms the fact that, UK by international standard is a safe country with low level of violence and crime.

How do you feel the scholarship will make a difference for you?

I feel very positively because the scholarship and by extension my course of study will further develop my critical, analytical and communication skills.