Meet James, Keele-Kenya scholar, MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology

James What were you doing before you came to Keele?

Working at an architectural firm; working on designs for recreational facilities. I was involved in design and had been working there since graduation.

Why did you choose Keele?

Keele had a good reputation in the environmental and sustainability agenda. My experience showed that the world is moving that way, with an increased interest in sustainability issues. The course also connected well with my previous studies in Urban and Regional planning and I would like to explore how the two can be integrated.

Describe how you felt when you learnt you had received the scholarship?
One word – ecstatic! I found out at the office after a long day at work, when I checked my email and saw the congratulations email I started celebrating and dancing in the office and after sharing the news with my colleagues I went home to celebrate with my family.

How have your first few weeks been – what are your first impressions of Keele?
Amazing. The university has met my expectations. I’m impressed by the campus environment and how serene it is, everything is very ordered compared to previous experiences in my home country, it is silent and serene. I have been impressed by the classes which are in the form of seminars where there is continued interaction with all the lecturers and the fellow students.

What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions for the year ahead?
I have set a path for myself and my ultimate goal would be to do a PhD here at Keele or anywhere else within the UK, focusing on the environment and climate change. This year is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to make the most of it - every sphere of the university and to gain as much knowledge as possible. I have also set myself a personal goal to prepare as many dishes as possible, making foods from many different countries and cultures.