Meet Evelyne, Keele-Kenya scholar 2013-14, MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology

Hi Evelyn! So, what made you choose Keele University?

“Because of the quality of education – I consulted my lecturers first from Kenyatta University and they told me Keele University is one of the best universities in the UK, and generally the education level in thee UK, it’s of good quality.”

What were you doing before you started at Keele – were you an undergraduate?

“I did my undergraduate from Kenyatta University, I graduated in 2008 and I’ve been working as an environmentalist. So I saw this course that Keele actually advertised, and I said this is the best course for my career.”

Now you’re here, what is it that you like best about the university?

“I like so many things, I don’t know if you can give me time to say one by one! One thing I like about Keele, Keele is beautiful – as an environmental student I like the aesthetic beauty of Keele University. One, it’s very clean… you can’t find litter all over. Two, it’s very green. I came here when the trees were shedding – but right now you just see the beauty of the environment, the grass is so green. The next thing is how we are taught in class, I really like the way tutors handle classes and students; it’s totally different from where I come from… it’s a tutor-student interaction, the relationship it’s very close; you can approach your tutor, you can approach any lecturer despite being your tutor or not, and the lecturer will be willing to advise you on the way forward, or concerning any issues that a student might face.”

Have you joined any clubs or societies whilst you’ve been here?

“I was a member of Green Impact, as project assistant, so we’ve been working towards changing environmental behaviours of staff, students, towards environmental management, especially – my task was especially on waste management in Keele, and it was a success... At the end of it all we were all working as a team, we used to have meetings, we used to have training so we come and air our views, our experiences and the skills that we’ve gotten.”

How has your scholarship changed things for you?

“So, the scholarship so far it has really helped me, it has really changed my life in a positive way – especially the skills and knowledge that I’ve acquired so far. I’m sure it will go a long way to improve my academic and professional career and future. I’m so grateful for this scholarship.”

Finally, what piece of advice would you offer to a new student who was coming to Keele from Kenya, and who was thinking maybe about the scholarships as well?

“My advice would be that Keele is one of the best universities, it has a conducive environment for studying and also entertainment; they can get everything under one roof. Also, getting information in advance, it will actually help, help students to settle down so fast. … Look for advice from the International Office, and the SU – they are actually willing to help students on how to go about this homesickness and other stresses that students face.”