Meet Betzy Bowen, Commonwealth scholar 2015-16, MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology

Photo Betzy Bowen What were you doing before you came to Keele?

Working for the Kenyan Industrial Research and Development Institute as a research scientist in the environmental management division.

Why did you choose Keele?

I choose Keele because of the course. I was looking for a course that cut across sustainability, while focussing on renewable energy. After going through so many universities, I finally settled for Keele as it was offering exactly what I wanted.

Describe how you felt when you learnt you had received the scholarship?

I was so excited. First before I got the scholarship, I applied for admission in 2014.After getting the admission, I saw on the Keele website that there was a partnership between Keele and Kenya to offer one scholarship position for a student coming to do the course, I applied and i was not successful. The passion and the determination to pursue the course persisted and I did not give up, and so in 2015 I applied for the Commonwealth shared scholarship and this time round I was nominated for the Scholarship and I was so happy.

How have your first few weeks been – what are your first impressions of Keele?

Keele is a very beautiful and friendly university.  When I first came here I was not sure of what to expect, how people were going to treat me as it was my first time in England. I have been surprised by the hospitality that people offer here, everyone is so friendly and supportive, beginning with the course lecturers, the staff and even fellow students. They made me feel at home and feel that everything was going to be fine. That assurance has kept me going. My Personal tutor, Dr Sharon George has been very supportive and encouraging and I will forever be grateful to her.

What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions for the year ahead?

I’m looking forward to making use of every opportunity that comes along. Apart from studying, I look forward to interacting and taking advantage of the opportunities the university offers to students, in terms of career development and preparation to face the future. I want to venture into entrepreneurship when I return to Kenya especially in renewable energy consultancy as there is lots of potential in Kenya in terms of renewable energy; we have a lot of resources that have not been tapped. I want to go back and be a key player in promoting sustainable development in Kenya as a means of eradicating poverty and protecting the environment.