Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Team

Keele's Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Team are here to support students who have experienced sexual violence, whether it is recent or historic. Our Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLOs) are specially trained to deal with these situations and will treat each case with sensitivity and respect. Any way you choose to proceed will be fully respected. Our team will support you on whatever path works best for you.

How can the team help?

An SVLO can listen and discuss the options available to you through external services and within the university. Your appointed SVLO can also liaise with these external services and University staff where required and will provide ongoing 'wrap around' care and support.

We will handle your disclosure with confidentiality and will respect your decisions - we are here to listen and support you. We are a survivor-led team, which means we are there to listen and to help you decide what you need going forward. We won’t make you report it to the police if that’s not what you want. We won’t make you name the perpetrator if you’re not ready to do that. We will listen, we can help if you’re struggling with your studies, and can talk through the different support options available to you. 

You have access to our support regardless of whether the sexual violence happened on- or off-campus, or if you were subjected to sexual violence before you came to Keele.

With your consent, we can help you with:

  • Referrals to counselling and medical services
  • Academic and accommodation adjustments 
  • Understanding the reporting options available to you
  • Navigating systems and resources within the University
  • Signposting support in the local area and online

People react and deal with sexual violence in many different ways. Any way you choose to proceed will be fully respected - we won't try to encourage you to make a formal report if you don't want to.

We have put together some information about your options and the next steps to take over on our get support page.

If you or someone else is in danger call:

         888 from an internal phone / 01782 733004 for on-campus security or 999 for the emergency services.

You can also use our dedicated email address for reporting sexual violence. This email address inbox access is restricted to a very small number of specially-trained staff:

For more general queries, you can also contact us on: