External enquiries

Enquiries about students.

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the new Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) online verification service for employers and agencies to verify awards from Keele University.  Please note that this service is only for third parties.

The system has been developed by Graduate Prospects, in consultation with universities, employers and screening agencies.  Funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and launched by Graduate Prospects, HEDD is now being rolled out to institutions throughout the UK.  The online candidate verification service allows registered enquirers to input data provided by applicants (name, date of birth, institution, year of graduation, qualification classification etc).

Making an enquiry

You'll need the individual's name, date of birth, course and qualification.  For graduates you'll also need their year of graduation and degree result.  The enquiry will then be submitted to the team at Keele University for manual verification, with a five working-day turnaround time.

How to register

To make an enquiry you need to register with HEDD by visiting www.hedd.ac.uk.  Select 'Keele University' from the list of UK higher education institutions and choose the option to 'verify a degree award'. There is a charge of £12 per enquiry and you will also be required to submit a signed declaration from the student authorising us to release their information (this needs to be in PDF format).

If you require further assistance, please email heddhelp@prospects.ac.uk

Consent form

Keele University require that all verification requests are accompanied by their Education Verification Consent Request Form‌‌. Requests that are submitted without this form will be referred back to the initiator with a request for the submission of the correct consent form. Please note this will result in a delay in processing the verification, the guaranteed 5 working day response to the request will only commence from the date the correct consent form is received.

Unfortunately the Student Records & Examinations Team are unable to provide character references.

Please contact the University main switchboard on 01782 732000 and ask for the subject area concerned.

The University receives many enquiries about students and we take great care when assessing what information can and can't be divulged and discussed.

As a parent you may not think of yourself as a third party when you contact us with an enquiry, but, as adults, all of our students are entitled to be confident that their personal information is properly handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.