Multi Aid Programs (MAPs)

Multi Aid Programs (MAPs) is a Syrian-led non-governmental organisation registered in Lebanon since 2013. It operates in marginalised communities across Bekaa and Arsal, providing health, relief and education to Syrian refugees, vulnerable Lebanese and Palestinians. MAPs' 326 volunteers work endlessly to design and implement innovative programs which improve both the individual and the community at large.

MAPs adapts an integrative humanitarian model where each of their four programme areas work together to achieve the highest possible social impact. Their goal is to secure a dignified society through high quality programmes which enable vulnerable children and youth to realise their potential and capabilities.

To maximize the ability to empower the displaced Syrian society at large, the majority of MAPs' programmes are designed and implemented by Syrian refugees themselves. Through this framework, MAPs staff are both building their capacity and finding meaningful pathways for engaging with their community.

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