Safeguarding adults: a new legal framework

The aim of the Safeguarding Adults seminar series is to explore how the new legal rules developed through a policy process, the challenges of interpretation that emerge and how practitioners and their organisations can be supported to deliver the intentions and requirements of the Care Act 2014 and keep people safe from abuse and harm.

The series is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and consists of 3 seminars per year. Seminars will bring together researchers, educators, students, practitioners, policy-makers, service users and carers to consider how the Care Act 2014 has been made, how it is being and should be interpreted and how different stakeholders can learn about its provisions. Two particular elements are of central importance to effective implementation of the new legislation and form central questions for the series: the extent to which responsibility for protection from abuse and neglect is embraced in civil society and commitment to legal literacy.

The central ethos of the series is promoting and encouraging links and collaboration between individuals and organisations concerned with adult safeguarding, cutting across disciplinary boundaries and organisational structures and connecting research, policy, practice and service user communities.

The website - - provides information about the series and opportunities for wider engagement during the lifespan of the series and beyond. In addition to seminar attendance there are opportunities to participate in debate via the website forum, contribute blogs, watch video clips from the seminars and join in Twitter conversations. Suggested readings to support the seminar themes will also be posted on the website.

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