After an undergraduate degree in Physics at Oxford I did a PhD at the Mullard Space Science Lab of University College London, specialising in understanding interacting binary stars. I was later a Hubble Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin before taking a Lectureship in Astrophysics at Keele.

Research and scholarship

WASP telescope I lead Keele's involvement in the WASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets) project, searching for planets around other stars. We operate the WASP-South observatory, which monitors hundreds of thousands of stars looking for small dips in their lightcurves when a planet transits in front of its star. WASP-South has now found many of the brightest transiting exoplanets in the Southern hemisphere.

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  • PHY-10010 Mechanics, Gravity and Relativity (Module leader)
  • PHY-10005 Electricity and Stellar Structure (Module leader)
  • PHY-20002 Stellar Astrophysics (Module leader)
  • PHY-30001 Cosmology (Module leader)


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