Dr Bowerman is a Lecturer in Bioscience at the School of Medicine, a Group Leader at the Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine and a Group Member of the Wolfson Centre for Inherited Neuromuscular Disease in Oswestry. Dr Bowerman is also a principal investigator in the UK SMA Research Consortium (

Dr Bowerman completed her Ph.D. (2006-2012) in Dr Rashmi Kothary's laboratory (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)/University of Ottawa, Canada) where she held a CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best doctoral award and received the OHRI Dr. Ronald G. Worton Researcher in Training Award. Dr Bowerman then joined Dr Cedric Raoul's laboratory at the Institut des Neurosciences de Montpellier in France as an EMBO Long-Term Fellow (2012-2014). From 2014-2016, Dr Bowerman was a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Oxford in Pr Matthew Wood's group. In October 2015, Dr Bowerman was the recipient of a Junior Research Fellowship at Somerville College, University of Oxford (2015-2017).  In January 2016, Dr Bowerman was awarded and SMA Trust Career Development Fellowship at the University of Oxford.


Honours and Awards

2000-2001: University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

2003: NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award in Industry

2006-2010: University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

2006-2012: University of Ottawa Dean’s Scholarship

2006-2008: Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology

2008: ASCB Childcare Award

2008: OHRI Research Day Oral Presentation Award

2009-2012: University of Ottawa National Excellence Scholarship

2009-2012: Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship: CIHR Doctoral Award

2010: Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Dr. Ronald G. Worton Researcher in Training Award

2012-2014: European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Long-Term Fellowship

2012: University of Ottawa Pierre Laberge Thesis Prize

2013: Nominated for the CAGS/UMI Dissertation Award

2015: FightSMA-Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Emerging Investigator Award

2015: Somerville College Fulford Junior Research Fellowship

2016-2017: SMA Trust Career Development Fellowship

2016: University of Oxford Reward and Recognition Scheme


Research and scholarship

ISTM Research theme: Regenerative Medicine

Dr Bowerman’s research is focused on neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders such as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  The central thematic of Dr Bowerman’s research is to identify novel pathological pathways that contribute to the pathophysiology of these diseases and to investigate therapeutic strategies to correct the identified defects.

The current projects in Dr Bowerman’s research group are:

  1. Investigating the pathogenic role of the TWEAK/Fn14 in denervation-induced muscular atrophy in ALS and SMA.
  2. Performing a comprehensive analysis of metabolic and circadian perturbations in SMA and ALS.
  3. Investigating the role of brown adipose tissue in SMA pathogenesis.
  4. Developing combinatorial therapeutic approaches for SMA therapy.
Current and past research in the Bowerman lab funded by:
The SMA Trust
Musular Dystrophy Ireland
The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation
Fight SMA
SMA Angels Charity
Association Française contre les Myopathies


Jan 2016-June 2017: Stipendiary Lecturer, Organization of the Body, 1st year pre-clinical students, Somerville College, University of Oxford, UK

March 2017: FHS Seminar, 3rd year pre-clinical and biomedical sciences students, University of Oxford, UK

June 2017: M.Sc. Neuroscience Lecture, RNA-based Gene Therapy, University of Oxford, UK

October 2017-present: Various elements of the undergraduate curriculum for the School of Medicine MBChB, Keele University, UK.

Further information

Interested in joining our group?


A Ph.D. position will be available in Fall/Autumn 2018.  


Original Articles

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Book Chapters

1.    Bowerman M, Vincent T, Scamps F, Camu W, Raoul C. The Neuroinflammation in the Pathophysiology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. In: A.G. Estevez (ed.) Current Advances in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. InTech. September 2013. 97-140. Invited Book Chapter.


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