Principal Investigator:

Dr John Bedson, Dr Ying Chen

Funder name / reference number: NIHR School for Primary Care Research and the North Staffordshire Primary Care Research Consortium and the National Coordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development (NCCRCD).
Year 2002 - 2010

Study design

Observational database study of patients aged ≥18 registered at 11 practices contributing to the Consultations in Primary Care Archive (2002-2010). NSAIDs grouped into three categories (basic, Cox-2 and topical NSAIDs). Trends in prescribing of NSAIDS for patients with and without CVD will be analysed using joinpoint regression to determine any significant changes. Changes in prescribing in relation to five major pieces of national guidance will be assessed.

Primary objective

To determine changes in NSAIDs prescribing from 2002 – 2011 in patients with CVD; ascertain if changes in prescribing occurred within the time frames where the MHRA/NICE disseminated guidance on NSAID use to GPs, and determine if following this advice, GPs continued to prescribe appropriately.