Stratified Care - workpackage 4 (TAPS)

Chief Investigator:

Prof Nadine Foster

Principal Investigator:

Dr Jonathan Hill

Study Coordinator:

Andrea Cherrington

Funder name / reference number: NIHR Programme grant for Applied Research (PGfAR)
Year Over 3 years

Study design

A two arm cluster randomised controlled trial involving 30 GP practices

Primary objective

Investigate if prognostic stratified primary care is clinically effective and cost-effective at 6 months compared with usual non-stratified GP care.

Secondary aims:- 
1  Examine whether stratified care changes GP practice behaviour 
2  Compare stratified care with usual care for patients in each risk strata 
3  Ascertain patients’ understanding and responses to stratified care


The active intervention is stratified care involving the STarT MSK Tool and matched treatment options for patients at low, medium and high risk of persistent disabling pain. The control treatment is usual GP care.