Chief Investigator:

Dr Jonathan Hill

Principal Investigator:

Prof Andrew Price (Oxford)

Study Co-ordinator:

Dr Helen Myers

Funder name / reference number: NHS England and Arthritis Research UK (Ref: 205180)
UKCRN Study portfolio: IRAS 174593
Year 2013 - 2016

Study design

Developing, piloting and testing the musculoskeletal health questionnaire (MSK-HQ): for use across musculoskeletal pathways

Phase 1 is completed and successfully developed a candidate MSK-HQ with 14 items capturing outcomes such as pain, function, sleep, physical activity and psychological impact.

Phase 2 to validate the MSK-HQ psychometric properties was completed in April 2016 in three clinical settings: people referred for orthopaedic surgery, individuals receiving treatment from community physiotherapy, and rheumatology outpatients with early inflammatory arthritis.

A fourth arm of the project used qualitative methods to understand how managerial and commissioning decisions are influenced by the availability of MSK-HQ outcomes data in one Clinical Commissioning Group.

Primary objective

This research aims to provide patients and clinicians across the musculoskeletal pathway with a practical tool for quantifying and monitoring the impact from musculoskeletal symptoms on an individual.