FCP Evaluation

Study Design

This study is a service evaluation of the integration and implementation of the first contact practitioner roles in primary care. There are 5 components;

  • Component 1: Stakeholder consultation to agree on the service aims and success criteria. 
  • Component 2: Online data collection of information from patients consulting the first contact practitioner 
  • Component 3: A qualitative evaluation of the experience of patients and professionals (including general practitioners, first contact practitioners and general practice staff) of first contact practitioner model of care. 
  • Component 4: Workshops in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to explore how the experience from English first contact practitioner services can inform implementation of this model of care in these countries. 
  • Component 5: A multiple stakeholder workshop.  

Aims and objectives

Overall aim: To evaluate the first contact practitioner (FCP) model of care against predefined service aims and success criteria. 


  • To agree a shared understanding of FCP service aims and success criteria 
  • Describe the patients who access the FCP 
  • Describe patient experience and outcomes 
  • Describe the experiences of FCPs, GPs and general practice staff 
  • Identify barriers to and facilitators for the successful implementation of the FCP model of care 
  • Describe the role of the FCPs in providing advice about work in the context of the patient's presenting MSK conditions. 
  • Establish an efficient data collection tool for PREMS and PROMS compatible with the Community Services Dataset. 
  • Provide recommendations for the scalability and successful implementation of the FCP model of care

Study documents