Elaine started work at Keele University in 2005 after previously working for the Medical Research Council as a biostatistician in Nottingham and Cambridge. She has previously completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics at Leeds University (1998) and a Masters degree in Biometry at Reading University (1999). Whilst working at Keele she gained a PhD on the severity and progression of hand pain and function in older adults with hand pain (2016), which she completed on a part-time basis, alongside working as a statistician on several studies of musculoskeletal health. She now works as an affiliated statistician to Keele Clinical Trials Unit on a range of clinical trials and epidemiological studies.

Research and scholarship

Elaine has a research interests in the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of randomised controlled trials, with a specific application to primary care trials of musculoskeletal health. She also has a research interest in statistical methods for longitudinal data analysis and in analysis methods for cohort studies.


  • Masters in Medical Science (MMedSci)
  • Research methods for medical students (SSC)