The Royal Institute of Philosophy

Keele Seminar Series in Healthcare Ethics and Law

Issues in Health Care Ethics and Law is an annual series of public seminars and lectures by speakers invited from other universities. The series is sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy. All events are are free and open to the public as well as Keele students, alumni and staff, and we encourage anyone with an interest in healthcare ethics and law to attend. Please direct all queries to Dr Kirsty Moreton (School of Law) by e-mail, or by telephone, 01782 734360.

Thursday, 29 November 2018
Professor Jose Miola (University of Leicester)
‘Would we be right to try “Right to Try”?’
Chancellor’s Building,
CBC2.028, 4pm-5.30 pm

Wednesday, 24 January 2019
Emma Hodges (St Giles Hospice)
‘Ethical dilemmas facing hospice leadership teams in the era of financial constraint and ageing population’
Chancellor’s Building,
CBC2.028, pm

Thursday, 21 March 2019
Stephen Smith (University of Cardiff)
‘Claims of conscience and conscientious responsibilities’
Chancellor’s Building,
CBC2.028, 4pm-5.30 pm

30 November 2017
Professor Sally Sheldon (University of Kent)
‘The Abortion Act at 50: A Biolgraphy’

24 January 2018
Dr David Griffiths (University of Surrey)
‘Hypospadias, queer time, and the surgical search for the perfect future penis’

23 March 2018
Professor Emily Jackson (LSE)
‘Legalising assisted dying: cross purposes and unintended consequences’

21 May 2018
Dr Joe Brierley (Great Ormond Street Hospital)
‘End of Life in CHildren's Intensive Care - Time to Block Book the Family Divison? A view from the Bedside’

2 December 2016
Dr Samantha Schnobel (University of Birmingham)
‘Assessing Breach of Duty: The Ethics of Utilising the Human Medical Context to Establish a Veterinary Standard of Care’

26 January 2017
Dr Alex Mullock (University of Manchester)
‘The Value of Life in English Law?’

25 November 2015
Professor Soren Holm (University of Manchester)
‘The (implicit) Anthropology of Bioethics is Ageist - How can we Change it?’

27 January 2016
Dr Arianne Shahvisi (University of Brighton)
‘Just ignorance: Sex Selection and the Limits of Reproductive Autonomy?’

26 November 2014
Professor Marie Cox (University of Birmingham)
‘Caring with and for Animals?’

29 January 2016
Dr Jonathan Ives (University of Birmingham)
‘Theorising the 'Deliberative father': Compromise, progress and striving to do fatherhood well’

18 March 2015
Dr Susanna Radovic (University of Gothenburg)
‘Mentally disordered Criminal Offenders in the Swedish Criminal Justice System - The Role and Use of Psychiatric Expertise’