Research seminars

The Keele School of Law regularly organizes research seminars to foster academic discussion amongst scholars from the Law School and other institutions. The seminars offer an opportunity for speakers to present their work – at various stages of development – and receive feedback in a friendly and informal environment.

13 February 2019 - Professor Tom Obokata (Keele) - ‘Transnational Organised Crime and Human Rights Law’

12 December 2018 – Ash Murphy & Mark Eccleston-Turner (Keele) – ‘Securitising Climate Change: Lessons from Global Health at the Security Council’

2 May 2018 – Dr Valentina Azarova (Manchester International Law Centre) – ‘Third Party Complicity? Wrongful Recognition as a Mode of Liability in International Law’

25 April 2018 – Professor Marie-Andree Jacob (Keele) – ‘When Medical Men Fail Institutions’

21 February 2018 – Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz (Keele) – ‘Intermediaries liability for ‘revenge porn’: Private law first principles and critique of immunity’

31 January 2018 – Dr John Danaher (NUI Galway) – ‘The Law and Ethics of Virtual Sexual Assault’

13 December 2017 – Dr Nicola Barker (University of Kent) – ‘The Conscience of Europe: LGBT Rights and Socio-Economic Justice in a Postcolonial Bermudian Constitution’

29 November 2017 – Dr Sen Raj (Keele) – ‘Feeling Progress: Navigating Emotion in Pro-LGBTI Cases’

16 November 2017 – Freddie Weyman (Survival International) – ‘Conservation and Human Rights in the Congo Basin’

8 November 2017 – Dr Yossi Nehushtan (Keele) – ‘The Importance of Civic Disobedience and the Non-existence of Selective Conscientious Objection’

6 November 2017 – Dr Antu Sorainen (University of Helsinki) – ‘Lesbian Inheritance Arrangements’

19 October 2017 – Professor Eyad Maher Dabbah (Queen Mary) – ‘Race, Religion and Identity in the Middle East’

4 May 2017 – Professor Louise Bernier (University of Sherbrooke) – ‘Higher Court’s Minimalist Approach: A Questionable Avenue When Adjudicating Health Related Patents’

26 April 2017 – Dr Anne-Charlotte Martineau (CNRS/Ecole Normale) – ‘A Genealogy of Mixed Commercial Arbitration? A Look into the Slave Trade’s Dispute Settlement System’

26 April 2017 – Dr Stella Coyle (Keele) – ‘Cake or Death? Conscience, Class and Citizenship in Goods and Services Provision’

24 March 2017 – Professor Joyce Bell (University of Minnesota) – ‘Race and Revolt at Work: Black Lawyers and the US Black Power Movement’

15 March 2017 – Dr Mario Prost (Keele) – ‘Imperial Ecologies: Environmental Law as Colonial Technology in French Algeria and Palestine’

31 January 2017 – Professor Wayne Martin (University of Essex) – ‘Capacity, Incapacity and Human Rights: A CRPD Perspective’

20 April 2016 – Professor Alex Stein (Yeshiva University) – ‘Constitutional Retroactivity in Criminal Procedure’

16 March 2016 – Professor Mary Donnelly (University College Dublin) – ‘Setting the Boundaries of Mental Health Law: Legalism, Protection, Recovery?’

16 March 2016 – Professor Oren Ben-Dor (University of Southampton) – ‘Placial justice: place as the origin of the political’

1 March 2016 – Dr Shahah Shahabuddin (Keele) – ‘Making Sense of the ‘Standard of Civilization’ in International Law: An Alternative Narrative from Japanese Perspectives’

17 February 2016 – Professor Martin Wasik (Keele) – ‘Expert Systems in Law – Sentencing by Computer?’

16 December 2015 – Dr Atina Krajewska (Sheffield University) – ‘Reconstructing Global Health Law Through Reproductive Rights’

25 November 2015 – Dr Aleksandra Jordanoska (Keele) – ‘A Socio-Legal Perspective on Reputational Sanctions for Corporate Crime: Naming and Shaming in the UK Financial Markets’

4 November 2015 – Dr Forough Ramezankhah (Keele) – ‘A Holistic Analysis of Asylum Claims: A Triangular Framework’

29 October 2015 – Professor Anita Bernstein (Brooklyn Law School) – ‘Common Law Fundamentals of the Right to Abortion’

7 October 2015 – Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz (Keele) – ‘Compensating Injury to Autonomy: Three Sets of Confusions’

4 February 2015 – Dr Sharon Thompson (Keele) – ‘Prenuptial Agreements, Gendered Power and the Potential Impact of Same Sex Marriage’

4 February 2015 – Dr Alejandra Torres-Camprubi (Foley Hoag) – ‘Climate Change and State Extinction: Exploring the Nature and Limits of Statehood’