Knowledge Exchange strategy 2022-26

Through our collaborative and creative endeavour, Keele University is a leading institution in reference to knowledge exchange, translating our knowledge and research into positive impacts for our communities and the economy.

Knowledge exchange is a term used to encompass a wide variety of activities that connect staff and students to external communities and enable the expertise and knowledge to make a difference in the world, and improve the quality of our research and education.

The achievements of our last Knowledge Exchange Plan demonstrated that organising ourselves at an institutional level can play a decisive role in the success of knowledge exchange - focusing resources on key society challenges, building scaleable opportunities for engagement, and capturing the attention and support of valuable external allies.

Our 2022-26 plan builds on that approach by setting out the key areas of focus for institutional development over this period - strategic projects that we and our key partners commit to resourcing and delivering.

There will always be a variety of engagement between academics and external partners that sit outside of these areas.  We must enable this to flourish and grow too, developing and maintaining an institutional environment that recognises and rewards it as a valuable part of a successful academic career.