Key Facts

Course Title: Health Professions Education: Accreditation and Assessment
Course type: MHPE, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate
Mode of Study:Distance Learning
Contact Details:Professor Janet Grant | +44 (0) 20 8941 6817
Website: Go to School homepage
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Subject Area: Medicine


The FAIMER-Keele Masters degree in Health Professions Education is intended for teachers, administrators and regulators in health professions education.  The course is designed to provide in-depth training in all aspects of health professions education through the convenience of distance learning.  The skills and knowledge acquired can help participants advance health sciences education at their own institution, or within their own country, to the highest international standards. 

This Certificate/Diploma/Masters course has been developed jointly with FAIMER® (the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research) and CenMEDIC (the Centre for Medical Education in Context). 

Keele University is responsible for maintaining standards, issuing degree awards and providing library access for students, as well as being the last recourse in the event of dispute or complaint. 

The course is delivered by CenMEDIC, led by Professor Janet Grant, which is the academic unit responsible for all issues in relation to running the course and to issues of student support, student assessment and feedback.  The materials for the course are located on the CenMEDIC website and the discussion forum, an integral part of the course, is also located there. 

Aims of the Course

The FAIMER-Keele Masters degree in Health Professions Education offers health professions educators the opportunity to receive advanced training in all aspects of health professions education.  Educators in medicine, nursing, dentistry, and other health professions can acquire the knowledge and skills to advance health professions education at their institutions to the highest international standards.

Entry Requirements

1.     English language proficiency requirement

If English is not your first language, you must either:

  • Hold a degree from a school where English was the language of instruction


  • Take the IELTS™ (overall score of 7.0 or higher required, with a score no lower than 6.0 in each sub-test) 


2.     Education requirement

  • A qualification/degree related to the health professions or education at a Bachelors or equivalent level.

3.     Practical requirement

  • Practical experience in either teaching or the management of education.

Course Content

The courses are conducted as fully supported distance learning. Students take a series of on-line modules and participate in on-line discussion forums. The Masters programme includes a one-week residential session and a dissertation.

The courses follow the strict quality assurance guidelines and policies of Keele University. They are presented and moderated by The Centre for Medical Education in Context (CenMEDIC) in the United Kingdom and are developed, presented, and facilitated by experts in health professions education under the leadership of FAIMER faculty member Janet Grant, Ph.D., Director of CenMEDIC, Emerita Professor of Education in Medicine at The Open University in the United Kingdom, and Honorary Professor at the University College London Medical School.

Programmes at a Glance


  • One-year programme
    • Module 1 - Assessment (8 units of 30 hours)
    • Module 2 - Accreditation and Self-review (8 units of 30 hours)


  • Two-year programme
    • Module 1 - Assessment (8 units of 15 hours)
    • Module 2 - Accreditation and Self-review (8 units of 15 hours)
    • Module 3 - Assessment and Accreditation 2 (10 hours per unit)
    • Module 4 - Curriculum Design and Evaluation (10 hours per unit)
    • Module 5 - Teaching and Learning in Health Professions (10 hours per unit)
    • Module 6 - Research Design (10 hours per unit)

Masters Degree

  • Three-year programme

          As for Diploma plus:

    • One-week residential session (Keele University, UK)
    • Dissertation

Teaching and Assessment

As an international award, the courses are offered by fully supported distance learning.  There is no face to face option except for a mandatory week long residential at the Masters stage.  In order to fully support you as you embark on your Masters dissertation, you are required to attend for one week to meet us and other course members.  During this week, which might not be in your home country, but also should not be assumed to be in the UK or the USA, you will start to work on your dissertation idea.  We will aim to hold this residential component in a country where the greatest number of students is based. 

Each module is made up of a series of units, formative and summative assessments and online forum discussions.  Importantly, these will all be timetabled with clear deadlines.

It is envisaged the certificate will be completed in one year, the diploma will take two years and the full masters three years.

The modules can be downloaded or used on-line.  Participants will be provided with course materials and supporting documentation, and assigned a Learning Advisor to stimulate and discuss their  progress in a moderated on-line discussion forum.  In accordance with Keele University regulations participants will also be allocated a personal tutor to whom they can turn if they are having problems with their studying or need someone else to talk to. 

Additional Costs

The masters programme includes a one-week residential session, usually held at Keele University in the UK. Participants are therefore financially responsible for their own travel costs to Keele University and also for hotel costs whilst they are at Keele.  

Students are also responsible for additional costs for text books, inter-library loans and potential overdue library fines that are incurred.