Knowledge Mobilisation Research

Improving the quality of impact is achieved by advancing our understanding of knowledge mobilisation through original research and evaluation of innovations. We have one NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship (Krysia Dziedzic), one Institute Fellowship (Sue Ashby), one PhD student (Laura Marshall), one MPhil student () and collaboration in international projects in Norway: Implementing international osteoarthritis treatment guidelines in primary health care: SAMBA stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial. In Australia, Primary Care Keele is working in collaboration with with Prof Kim Bennell (The University of Melbourne): Improving primary care management of osteoarthritis (PARTNER), information for this can be found on the the Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) Translational Research in Musculoskeletal Pain.


Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

We have a dedicated Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement group (PPIE) LINK Working Party (Lay Involvement in the Mobilisation of Knowledge) which has been developed from our successful PPIE Research User Group to enable and support meaningful PPIE in the implementation of research findings 

LINK Aims: To enable and support meaningful Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) in the implementation of research findings (knowledge mobilisation)

The LinK Working Party will support, lead and guide by:

  1. Advising and co-producing the approach to PPIE accelerating impact and ensuring best evidence is mobilised for the benefit of stakeholders
  2. Supporting the needs of LinK group members to fully engage and have a positive experience
  3. Providing a forum for implementation issues
  4. Promoting the patient narrative throughout the whole research to implementation journey
  5. Providing advice on the achievement of a diverse LinK membership to provide a timely response to the increasing implementation projects within the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences (iPCHS) at Keele University
  6. Representing the LinK Group’s work internally e.g. within the iPCHS, Keele University and externally e.g. CLAHRC WM
  7. Promoting the reach of the group by the endorsement of inclusivity i.e. all ages, any ethnicity/cultural background, experience
  8. Identifying additional skills and experiences  that could support task  and finish groups in the transfer of research findings into primary care (Knowledge Mobilisation)
  9. Timely sharing of information
  10. Celebrating success