Implementing our Research

Our Stakeholders

Primary Care (patients and the public, health care professionals, researchers, organisations, Public Health England) and its networks are our primary stakeholders. Stakeholders also include social care professionals and organisations, WHO, NHS-E, NICE, ARMA, policy makers, industry, educators and students. The IAU is also responsive to the Institute’s Funders e.g. Arthritis Research UK; NIHR; CLAHRC; AHSN; Haywood Foundation.

Impact Acceleration Unit (IAU)

The overarching aim of our impact acceleration is to maximise the benefits of our world leading primary care research in making an impact on and difference to the quality of life and care for those with or at risk of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions and associated key co-morbidities such as mental health.

The overall objective of the IAU is to create innovations arising from our research that offer solutions to Stakeholders’ problems.