The Prognostic and Diagnostic Assessment of Shoulder Pain Research Studies (PANDA-S and PANDA-S II)

The PANDA-S research studies are led by a team at Keele University. The research seeks to personalise care for people with shoulder pain, ensuring that people receive the care that is best for them and avoid unnecessary investigations and treatments.

Did you know that in England, 1.5 million people visit their GP with shoulder pain every year? Out of those 1.5 million, most recover quickly, however 40% of people will suffer with shoulder pain which lasts longer than 6 months, affecting their sleep, work and everyday life.

These studies, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Versus Arthritis, will gain valuable insights from patients suffering with shoulder pain. These results will help support General Practitoners (GPs) and Physiotherapists in their decisions about the best and most timely treatments for people with shoulder pain. 

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