Tom Lovelock, ICT Services Manager, Medicine and Health Sciences

I'm the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences ICT Services Manager, I head a team of technicians and other specialist staff supporting a faculty of diverse UG and PG courses. I come from a background of AV Support and Learning Technology.

In previous roles, I was part of a mixed Laboratory/ICT services team that was invited to participate in Technician Commitment events.

I feel the biggest challenge for Keele in relation to the Technician Commitment has been embedding the Commitment into long term goals and development for Technicians careers. So that it's the norm for the institution.

I feel the biggest reward for Technicians and the institution is the cross-campus work between technicians that might otherwise be isolated in their work and expertise.

The next steps for the Technician Commitment at Keele is to make sure that the technicians collective 'voice' and expertise continue to be valued and engaged with by University leadership.