Events at Keele Observatory

Tuesday 11 February


free of charge

no booking required

Explore the historical and modern telescopes of Keele Observatory, learn from astronomers and - if the weather is good enough - watch the heavens. Discover what the Earth is made of, what brains really look like, and much more. Suitable for all ages, groups as well as individuals. Use public transport or pay and display until 5:30pm; after that parking is free anywhere on campus. See "Contact Information" for directions.

Tuesdays, 8-10pm
Saturdays, 1-3pm

All free of charge
No booking required

View celestial objects through the 145-year old 31cm Grubb refractor or 15cm solar telescope (weather permitting), or enjoy a tour of the observatory and meet an astronomer

To find out what you can see in the sky right now, you can download a free copy of a sky map and calendar (get the Northern Hemisphere Edition; see their terms of use) or download Stellarium